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Start, Grow and Enhance Your Business

We assist you to achieve your Goals

Our services can be broadly defined as Implementation Support and Strategic Consulting.


We offer a range of services for different types and sizes of organisations categorised as follows :

  • Registration of a private company (Pty), Non Profit Company (NPC) or NGOs
  • Developing & reviewing a Business Plan
  • Preparing Business Proposals, Drafting Contracts and Business Agreements
  • Business Facilitation Services (incl. Partnership arrangements, Contracts & Agreements negotiations)
  • Business Development Analysis and Support (incl. online presence and exposure)

Our team of professionals will assist you to implement your organisational vision and mission through business facilitation workshops and the implementation of supporting projects.


Some of the services we deliver through these workshops are :

  • Business Facilitation Services (incl. Partnership arrangements, Contracts & Agreements negotiations)
  • Business Strategy Facilitation & Development
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Business Process Analysis and Management
  • Project & Programme Management (incl. strategic alignment and multi-organisation/multi-year projects)
  • Procurement & Business Management Policies
  • ICT Policy & Strategy Development

Initiate & Negotiate Contracts

Every organisation must have appropriate contracts/agreements in place that support its objectives and goals. These contracts  or agreements must minimise all risks to the satisfaction of share holders, staff and clients. We specialise in narrowing or eliminating divergence between parties, let us help you to get win-win agreements that support your objectives & goals.


Manage Projects Effectively

Costs over-runs are so prevalent both in the public and private sectors due to misalignment of objectives and the inability to manage strategic, operational and tactical risks. Inadequate scope definition, scope creep and staff burn-out can be avoided whilst delivering on objectives. We ensure that projects have high business engagement, ownership and are successful.

About Us

Sardius Business Services (Pty) Ltd Reg. No. 2014/124063/07


Our business is founded on a principle of serving people and organisations to empower and support them to be excellent agents of success and development, directly and indirectly. This in turn, enables organisations to make a positive impact in the development of people, communities, cities, states/provinces and nations.


Our Vision : To be the best support for our clients to achieve authentic excellence

The elements of our Vision are : 

  1. Respect and enhance client authentic excellence.
  2. Innovation
  3. Excellent partnering and support

Our Mission :  To bring the most affordable, dynamic and impactive solutions

The elements of our Mission are :

  1. Develop and implement innovative solutions to increase the positive impact of our clients.
  2. Inspire and develop authentic talent to bring out the best in our clients for leadership among their peers.
  3. Strive to achieve the best for our clients, partners and the community

To serve our purpose, Sardius Business Services is poised to be a catalytic agent for transformation in the way we do business and serve our clients and other stakeholders. For this reason, we are determined to serve our clients with excellence and to be a transformational & socially responsive corporate citizen, wherever we operate.


We pay special attention to client needs and based on our professional assessment, we provide excellent services and solutions.

To achieve this SBS is constantly evolving and growing. As we provide innovative solutions for our clients, we also review and innovate so that we can serve our clients and prospective clients better. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to work with other organisations that can add value to our offering as we work with others to support their organisational goals.


Through our business partnerships, we provide a wide range of services that are tailored for client-specific needs.


Company Governance & Executive

Sardius Business Services (Pty) Ltd, is a Black owned and managed company which is registered in South Africa. The company complies with all legislative requirements and consequently is allowed to tender for government contracts.


Theo Nkone, CEO : Mr. Nkone is the founding and sole Director of the company. Mr. Nkone has extensive experience as a

C-level executive (CEO, COO, CIO) both in the government of South Africa and the Financial Services sector of South Africa.

His experience covers but is not limited to the following 

  1. Government Chief Information Officer. In this position, Mr. Nkone was responsible for all the IT and Information Management policies that cover the Public Service (all National Departments and all Provinces). The policies, regulations and standards affected about R8 billion of IT spend per annum.
  2. CEO, MultiData. MultiData was a financial transactions and outsourced payroll management company in the Sanlam group which at the time had 2 of the biggest 4 banks and many retail companies as its clients.  MultiData was moving R2  billion a month.
  3. COO, Individual Life-Old Mutual. Individual Life was a middle-income Financial Services business in the Old Mutual group, contributing over R1.5 billion p.a. in profits to Old Mutual. Furthermore, the operations included the administration and servicing of over 2 million individual policies (contracts), an IT budget of over R320 million per annum. This included the provision of IT services for the local (SA) OM business and mainly US & UK businesses in the group.
  4. CIO, Old Mutual (South Africa). Mr Nkone also initiated and oversaw the extension of contracts with international IT suppliers to cover the whole Old Mutual group.

Business Services we Provide

Excellence is demonstrated in the services and solutions we provide our clients. Our team of professionals pursue  excellence in everything we do to ensure our clients are successful in their efforts. We specialise in value-chain analysis and help you to understand how to embed excellence in your organisation with the support of all your stakeholders. We innovate and identify opportunities for continuous improvement in order to deliver the best for our clients.


Our methodology to provide services and solutions is driven by our client service values of :

  1. Client centricity - focus on client needs and responsiveness
  2. Professionalism - We deliver to very high standards
  3. Integrity - We are committed to ensuring that we promise what we can deliver and deliver what we promised without excuses. We highlight all risks that may affect your project and its implementation.
  4. Excellence - We progressively strive to improve our delivery standards, without limitation.

Our services can be broadly defined as Strategic Consulting and Implementation Services. We offer a range of services for different types and sizes of organisations. The services offered are :

  • Registration and maintenance of a private company (Pty), Non Profit Company/NGO and relevant details
  • Developing & reviewing a Business Plan
  • Preparing Business Proposals, Drafting Contracts and Business Agreements
  • Business Facilitation Services (incl. Partnership arrangements, Contracts & Agreements negotiations)
  • Business Strategy Facilitation, Development & Review
  • Business Development Analysis and Support (incl. online presence and exposure)
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Business Process Analysis and Management
  • Procurement Process Management
  • Project & Programme Management (incl. Risk Management & Stakeholder engagement)
  • Information & Communication Technology Strategy Facilitation, Development, Implementation and Review


Company Registrations & Associated Services

In South Africa, only three (3) types of companies can be registered. Closed Corporations (CCs) are no longer registered. These 3 are :

  1. Private Company : This type of company allows people or other companies to own shares. Futhermore, this type of company allows shareholders (whether they be natural people or companies) to take profits as determined by the Directors of the company. The name of this type of company must end with (Pty) Ltd. Therefore, if the name of the company is Summer Cosmetics, in official documents the name must be written as Summer Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd.
  2. Non Profit Company (NPC) : A non-profit company is a company that is registered to promote a public benefit or a cause. Therefore, people are not allowed to take profits that the company has accumulated, because all the monies essentially must be used to promote the public benefit or cause, after people and companies who have done work on behalf of the company have been paid reasonable amounts. If the company name is Protecting Whales, it must be written as Protecting Whales NPC.
  3. Co-Operatives : Co-operatives are essentially group owned and controlled businesses in which profits are shared according to the relative use by each member. An example is a jointly owned petrol filling station. The profit is shared according to the relative amount of petrol each of the owners has purchased. Like any business, the co-operative can employ managers who run it on a day-to-day basis. A co-operative can also be a way to promote the owners' businesses. So, if the owners each have grocery stores, then the co-operative would be a wholesaler from which the owners buy their stock. In this case the grocery store that buys the most in rands from the wholesaler would get a bigger profit share.

The company registration process mainly has 2 steps :

  1. Name Reservation :  There are many companies which have already been registered. Therefore, the name of a company must be unique and not cause confusion in the minds of people. This step ensures that your company name is unique.
  2. Company Registration. This step ensures that your company has a corporate identity with all the relevant details that are required.

Associated with company registrations, we provide services to maintain companies as well as the details of the directors. This is to ensure that your company complies with all relevant legislation.


The fees for the registration and maintenance of companies must be paid in advance because the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) requires upfront payment of their fees.


It is important to understand that all the company registration and maintenance services have specific requirements which must be met precisely before the CIPC will provide the service. It is for this reason that we start the process only when all the required documents have been completed and provided as required.


We therefore ask our clients and prospective clients to ensure that all the required documentation is available before they send us any documentation. We provide excellent & efficient services and communicate the results promptly.


Please send your enquiry to, stating what service you require OR click here to send us your enquiry. We will respond to you as soon as possible, if you do not have an email make sure you send us your mobile number because this is required when we register your company.

To get the full requirements, please click here.


We are happy to hear from you. We welcome ideas and other contributions that will help us to serve our clients better and make our prospective clients want to do business with us. Thank you for the time you have taken to visit this website and sending us your contact details and the accompanying message. Please fill the contact form, thanks again !


1349 Dunwoodie Avenue


Pretoria 0186

South Africa



+27 82 316 6402


Mobile No.  

Registering a Pty Ltd. or a NPC

The documents & information we need.

To register a Non Profit Company (NPC) or a Private Company (for profit), please supply the following information :


  1. Four (4) Names for your company - the first name must be the most preferred. These names will be used to check whether there is a registered company with the most preferred or next name etc.
  2. A clear certified copy of the ID for each of the people who are going to be Directors in your company or NPC. The front and back of ID cards must be copied onto the same page, because the barcode is required.
  3. You must indicate which of the directors are going to be Active and which are going to be Non-Executive.
  4. To register an NPC, you must have at least three (3) directors who are not related. Any directors who are related to the 3 must be in addition to the initial 3. Related directors are spouses, parents, siblings or children.
  1. Both the physical and postal addresses of each director, or only the physical address if it is also used for post.
  2. An email address is required for each director. This is so that CIPC, the government organisation that registers companies can communicate with the directors.
  3. A cellphone number for each director. This will also be used to contact each director. Mostly the CIPC will send information to each director, to notify them that a company is being registered where they are directors or if there are any changes that are being made concerning a company that is already registered.

Please make sure that all the information is written in CAPITAL LETTERS and all the documents are clear. If any document is not clear this may lead to the rejection of the application to register the company/NPC. If the application is rejected, then the application process must start from scratch.

How long does it take to register a company or NPC ?

The first step is the registration of the name of the company. Once the name is approved, the registration of the company is processed.


If the names and all the required documents are supplied at the same time, the company will be registered within 5 business days, unless there is a delay because the CIPC is too busy. 

Please also note that we do not process any documents before payment has been received in our bank account.


For this reason make sure that the full registration fee is paid and send your documentation to : 

You may contact us using Whatsapp at 0815432701 for other details.